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Achieving goals is a measure of performance. Performance is complex of a person’s attitude, motivation, abilities and competences. How to go the extra mile? How to manage in a way that people feel a sense of ownership? How to create strong willpower, successful habit, courage and discipline?

To drive business performance, create strong relationships, lower cost and increase speed in business operation, leaders have to understand how trust works, how it affects engagement, how to teach it, develop and rebuild when it is lost. This is a critical factor in todays world, there is no substitute for it. If you mange trust properly everything works. If you don’t – you lose.

Most organisational change projects fail. Even in todays world, studies show an almost 70% failure rate. Some of the tools that businesses use for last 25 years are wrong and we need to examine them through the latest organisational psychology discoveries. What cognitive biases ruin change? How to design process based on elemental behavior principles of the teams? What tools leaders need to use in todays world, to increase the rate of success?

It is all about attitude and exercising the best tools of mental performance. It is about personal leadership and mastery in everything you do and about the capabilities of your people. Based on the research and methodology of Prof. Carol Dweck (Stanford University) in terms of attitudes, motivation and self-development; work and study of Kelly McGonigal (Stanford University) in terms of instincts, willpower & achievement motivation and, Jamieson, Nock and Mendes’ (Harvard University) research in the functioning of the brain and neuro-hormones. There is a strategy to win, there is a system of winning and there is a proven methodology to learn and apply it, in personal and business life.

How to translate vision into objectives, with adequate resources, timelines and a sense of growth & positive change. Hot to turn optimism and collective ideas into a brilliant strategy. Which tools to use to measure progress, manage execution and overcome challenges?

How to lead, provide a vision and exude passion in a manner that energises others to achieve objectives. To create culture and an environment which is desirable to work in and, an organization which makes people feel proud to be a part of.

Is it pride? Money? Status? Or just having a job? What do people emphasise in their work? What do they really give weight to? Do they feel their opinion counts ? Do they know what is expected from them? If you know how to engage people, you do not need to motivate them. A high dose of engagement makes people see their work as an opportunity for growth, with a sense of flow.