Our Speakers

Byron Soulopoulos

Byron Soulopoulos is a talented people manager and change leader who has spent 14 years managing complex ICT projects across Europe. He currently serves as Managing and Delivery Director for Tech Mahindra, a multinational IT provider offering networking technology solutions and Business Process Outsourcing to the telecommunications industry. His other specialties include company transitions, coaching and training, as well as behavioral, human and systems change.

Gennady Polonsky

Gennady Polonsky is a Management Development consultant, business speaker, and co-author of several books published around the world, some of which have been adopted to support the curriculum of a number of prestigious Business and Economics universities. Gennady brings a wealth of experience as an International Development consultant and Team Leader, and has taken part in more than 1,000 seminars and conference presentations for business, academic, charity, and NGO audiences in 26 countries.

Gordon Headley, MBA

Gordon Headly is an accomplished HR Director with significant international business management experience in the Oil and Gas, Retail Property Development, and Facilities Management sectors. He is a results-focused leader who helps build successful partnerships, and is a recognized presenter, communicator and team builder. Gordon has undertaken several large-scale change projects, using his 20+ years of international experience to motivate co-workers and drive them to succeed.

Lech Kaniuk

Lech Kaniuk is a co-founder of OnlinePizza Group Norden AB and a well-known figure in the Polish startup scene. He’s been named among the top-50 most creative people in Polish business by Brief Magazine and is an angel investor and board member of iTaxi, Poland’s largest taxi hailing app. Before joining OnlinePizza he worked as an Innovation Consultant in Sweden, hosted a radio show about innovation, and co-produced a television show called 72h Race, where business ideas were commercialized within 72 hours of being conceived. He is a serial entrepreneur who achieved excellent financial results and currently owns several companies.

Prof. Piotr Zielonka

Piotr Zielonka is an Associate Professor at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, co-founder and head of the postgraduate Business Psychology for Managers program at the Kozminski University, and researcher in the field of the psychology of financial markets, behavioral design and cognitive biases. He collaborates frequently with universities and international think tanks, and has published his work in a number of psychology and scientific journals.

Prof. Tony Buzan

Named one of the world’s top-5 speakers by Forbes Magazine, Tony Buzan is the world-renowned inventor of Mind Mapping and expert on the brain, memory, speed-reading, creativity, and innovation. His research into the working of the brain has led him to develop and refine techniques to help individuals think better and more creatively to reach their full potential. He is author and co-author of more tan 140 books and the former president of Mensa Journal.

Raymond Keene OBE

A former British Chess Champion who was awarded the title of Grandmaster in 1976 and subsequently appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire, Raymond Keene is a prolific author and contributor to a number of daily print publications. He has written and published 199 books on chess, thinking, intelligence, and the nature of genius, and now serves as President of the Governing Council at the Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition in London.

Sebastian Kotow

Lecturer on the Psychology of Management at the Kozminski University, author, inspirational speaker, and CEO of the consulting and training company IoBd. Sebastian Kotow uses his expertise to support organizational change and the development of managerial competencies. He is a member of several international associations and sits on a board of experts of dialogue and analysis for THINKTANK, a center that manages a network of ideas and carries out research dedicated to leadership and public policy. He is an active member of the Institute of Leadership & Management and the Brain & Behavior Society in London.