About Us

Inspired by research and new discoveries in the area of psychology and neuroscience, the Institute of Behavioral Design was founded in 2014 and is based on the scientific and business cooperation between a group of experts from both the academic and business worlds.

Headed by Sebastian Kotow and Professor Piotr Zielonka, who work out of offices in Warsaw and London, IoBD delivers various types of consultancies, as well as research and development projects in collaboration with senior international business and scientific authorities across Europe.

Some of the best scientific discoveries and tools are not widely available on the market. The institute’s goal is to popularize and implement advanced psychological knowledge in order to serve people and businesses.

What We Do

IoBD uses advanced psychology, neuroscience and technology to empower leaders and teams to achieve their business goals. We conduct predictive analyses, in-company and market research, and create tailor made solutions for our clients.

Our areas of expertise include leadership development, mindshift change and trust management. We incorporate this expertise in the development of behavioral design programs and projects at every level of our organization.

IoBD helps revise strategic assumptions and analyze the impact your decisions have on individuals, teams and overall business performance. Our approach is based on the latest findings and tools influencing change management, psychology and behavioral design models. Our expertise in these areas allow us to customize corporate trainings, kick-offs and executive events, and leadership development programs.