Sebastian Kotow

CEO responsible for strategy, business development and company management, Sebastian serves as a Lecturer on the Psychology of Management at Kozminski University in Warsaw, author, and inspirational speaker.

Professor Piotr Zielonka

Scientific Advisor. Piotr is an Associate Professor at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, co-founder and head of the postgraduate Business Psychology for Managers program at Kozminski University in Warsaw, and a researcher in the fields of the Psychology of Financial Markets, Behavioral Design and Cognitive Biases.

Iza Barton-Smoczyńska

Partner, Senior Business Consultant, Facilitator, Coach and Business Trainer, Iza is responsible for program design, R&D, facilitation, training delivery, individual consultations and supervision. She has over 20 years of experience in business psychology, program customization and developing leaders.

Byron Soulopoulos

Senior Business Consultant, Speaker, and Facilitator, Byron is a talented people manager and change leader who has spent 14 years managing complex ICT projects across Europe.

Iwona Kuźlik

Partner, Senior Business Consultant, and Facilitator, Iwona is a Psychologist as well as a Marketing and Publicity Specialist responsible for project management, program design, facilitation and R&D.

Małgorzata Wawrzyniak, PHD

Partner, Senior Business Consultants, and Facilitator, Małgorzata is an Assistant Professor of Personal Psychology at the SWPS University of Social Science and Humanities in Warsaw and is responsible for program design, facilitation and R&D.

Krzysztof Sroczyński

Partner, Senior Business Consultant, Facilitator and Business Speaker, Krzysztof is the founder and President of Instytut Kreatywności i Rozwoju and the Brainwire Systems, as well as a partner of Harvard Business Review Poland and the ICAN Institute. He is responsible for facilitation, training delivery, and provides individual consultation.

Beata Kornowska

Sales Support Manager, responsible for the sales and coordination of open trainings and seminars. She is co-responsible for developing the sales strategy of projects to the key customers of the company.

Piotr Ciepliński

Partner and Executive Coach, Piotr combines over 20 years of managerial and leadership experience with coaching, and is the author of a unique program entitled “Installation of an Internal Coach.” At IoBD he is responsible for executive coaching, team coaching and also provides individual consultations.